Sunset in Kristiansund

I found a good space to film some lapses. It was not particularly spectacular today thou.


Not getting quality sleep

I analyse my sleep pattern and the effect of non prescription drugs. I don’t feel so amazing going into Easter. Not getting quality sleep makes me grumpy and tired. I snap at the washing machine not working properly etc.

The app used, that I’m not sponsoring: Any other app is just as good.

I don’t recommend using sleeping apps on a permanent basis. If you have sleep problems it can be helpful, or if you wan’t to monitor your sleep pattern for a 14 day period. If you obsess about sleep it won’t help. If you have problems with anxiety regarding sleep, contact a professional. If you have long term problems with sleep contact a professional, like I said I would do.

My first hyperlapse

I tried to film a hyperlapse at night with my GoPro. I didn’t have any good points to trace for stabilizing it, but close enough. I’m not taking it to serious. I used a stick and the railing of the bridge to stabilize it. So now I know this method works. Some of the clip had to be cut.

This was my second attempt as my first attempt ended in me running home soaking wet.


The Timelapse:

Playlist of my timelapses and such

Not happy with timelapse

I was really not happy with these time lapses. I used the wrong settings and all that. I was able to save them with some post processing thou. “Save” is a strong word, but they turned out okay. I need to get a lens to block out some light, that would make things a lot easier.

Gopro lens protection from water.

In order to combat rain on the lens I have made myself an invention so great. Nobody ever could imagine. Behold the Gopro Box.

The patent pending Gopro box is a design that is built out of the cover the camera comes with. A double sided peace of tape and peace of wood. You can use rubber bands to hold the camera in place. To control the camera use voice control or cellphone. no extra protection is needed as the camera is waterproof.


The weather situation

I tried to film with my GoPro. It is constantly bad weather here, so I don’t get to many chances to film. I’ts not that the rain is dangerous for the camera, but I get water on the lens. Here is a little cellphone generated clip from 3 minutes I was able to film. Will be testing my lens water protection setup soon.


I just bought a Gopro 5 camera

Session or Black?

I just got a Gopro 5 camera, I haven’t used it much yet. My new 2160p screen and this camera goes along well. The video looks great. The camera is cheap and waterproof. I chose to go with the cheaper gopro session, it was a hard pick between the two. The reason i picked the Session over the black with touch screen. Is that the cameras have such good compatibility with cell phones. Si I can use my android to control the camera. The biggest loss was that the Black have exchangeable batteries. The batteries drain pretty fast when the device gets hot. I have planned to test if it heats up just as bad, when using a battery pack attached. Both match up when it comes to voice control, waterproof, lens and most other specs. They are different models of the same camera more or less.


It takes forever to charge when you are impatient. Like everything else. I tried to film with it. It is constantly bad weather here now so I don’t get to many chances to film. I’ts not that the rain is dangerous for the camera, but I get water on the lens. Here is a little cellphone generated clip from 3 minutes i was able to film.